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New Short Story Collection Title Reveal

The new book which will be coming out in September 2022 will be a collection of short stories called, Among The Willows & Other Strange Tales. It will feature six tales of supernatural horror set in the old West, which makes it a proud member of the Weird West subgenre. My wonderful wife, Amanda did the cover art, which will be revealed in an upcoming post. But to get you ready for a weird west read this fall, here's the synopsis.

Six tales of the strange and supernatural, all set in the American Old West. Characters stumble upon things better left undiscovered, find new beginnings, tragic ends, and in some cases redemption.

In That Dog Won’t Hunt, a local sheriff deals with the consequences of one of someone making a Faustian deal to make a small town strike it rich in the gold rush.

In Before the Mountain Was Born, two men scouting for a railroad company uncover something beneath the mountain that would have been better left buried.

It Never Misses explores themes of greed and violence when a man realizes he’s in possession of a gun that can’t miss.

In a story equal parts spooky and sentimental, The Messenger tells the tale of a man awaiting a hanging being visited by the ghost of a wrongly accused man.

Hooves tells the story of a poker game where all Hell breaks loose.

Things get noneuchlidian in, Among the Willows, when a posse of outlaws and a young woman looking to start her life over find themselves in a forest where the laws of time and space don’t seem to matter.

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