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5 Horror Audiobooks You Can Listen To While Practicing Social Distancing

During this COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people who have the option, are choosing to stay in, and rightfully so. For many, it's time to catch up on your reading. For others, an excuse to do some spring cleaning around the house. I've been doing both by listening to free audiobooks on Hoopla. Hoopla is a free app that is provided by public libraries around Connecticut and beyond. It allows you to digitally borrow books, comics, movies, and audiobooks. Since you're on a horror author's website, I'll assume you're a fan of the genre and recommend 5 horror novels that are on Hoopla.

In no particular order...

The Cabin At The End Of The World, by Paul Tremblay an apocalyptic home-invasion thriller with some supernatural flavor to it.

Strange Weather, by Joe Hill a collection of four novellas all very different, but all containing some form of strange weather.

The Fisherman, by John Langan a novel in which two men who have turned to the hobby of fishing as a form of therapy and self-care following tragic losses encounter something waiting for them in a remote river.

Rosemary's Baby, by Ira Levin, tells the story of Rosemary Woodhouse who finds herself in a very unhealthy relationship during a supernaturally difficult pregnancy. This audiobook is an especially great listen because it is read by Mia Farrow, who starred as Rosemary in the 1968 movie.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King tells the story of a young girl who becomes lost in the woods just off the Appalachian Trail. As the days take their toll on her, she begins to feel like something in the woods is following her. The audiobook is great, but I highly suggest you read this novel in the pop-up-book form if you can find it.

That's all for me. Stay home. Stay safe. Read some great books.

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